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Cool & Dandy is our space to share our passion for contemporary design, original style, innovative food and unique travel adventures in different cities around the world.  We are committed to supporting our own communities but also the ones we visit or call temporarily home. We do this by promoting independently owned businesses and discovering those special places off the beaten track that won't be found in any city guide book.  
Foxy & Winston

A few weeks back my lovely friend Emilie took me on a tour of Red Hook.  We were talking about it for a while but we were waiting for the good weather to kick in so we could walk around, soak up the …

Foxy and Winston-2
Loopy Mango

During the Summer months I retire from knitting.  Unless you are a hardcore knitter and have simultaneous projects going throughout the year, most casual knitters like myself, prefer to snuggle with their needles when it’s cold and wintry. A few weeks …

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

As most of you have noticed by now, we are obsessed with bakeries and coffee shops in C&D.  There’s nothing like the comfort of a sweet treat in the middle of the day and certainly most of us would not …

El Rey-6
Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

I cannot believe another month has passed since our last post!  The C&D team has been going through some major changes: two graduations (congrats Jan!), lots of traveling (lucky you Liz) and a new full time job for me.  It’s …

Cafe Hanamizuki

Hello friends!  After a long absence due to exams and life demands we are finally back in full swing and full of suggestions for the Summer!  The past couple of months have been a “transitional period” for all of us, …

Chancery Lane Theatre and Café

Chancery Lane is one of Dublin’s latest exciting performing arts venues right in the city centre. Owned by couple Gavin and Elaine, the 50 seater space is offering not only an intimate and cosy theatre, but also a cute little …

A day in NYC around Chelsea and Midtown

It’s seldom that the whole Cool and Dandy team has the chance to get together, but even when just two of us get together, especially if we meet Elena in New York, it’s always a special occasion. This time I …


When it comes to fashion, New York really is a wonderland.  And there is something for everyone, from the luxurious and expensive brands from Madison Avenue to the more affordable high street labels that most tourist come to shop every …

Green Fingers

Spring is finally making a slow appearance in NYC.  It’s been a long, dreary and frigid cold Winter but the signs are unmistakable: green shoot sprouts, daffodils bulbs and tulip buds are beginning to emerge all around. The warm season …

Abner Browns Barber Shop

Abner Browns Barbershop is a barbershop by day and the coolest intimate venue holding live music sessions for a lot of up and coming bands at the weekend. Ever think you would put the two together? …and yet it is …